Friday, September 27, 2013

A Love Story

I guess all major life events deserve a blog post . . . assuming after 13 years of waiting, my Rob would be considered one of those :) Our Love story is one that begins many years before we actually began dating, and a story that gives me butterflies to think about. In the beginning, Rob did all the watching and dreaming, and I was young and clueless.
We had our first encounter at a church Christmas party in December of 2004. I honestly don't recall the event, but is one that had stuck in Rob's heart for many, many years. Over the years Rob moved in and out of town and we occasionally would see one another in passing. Our girls were in the play Aladdin with a local theatre group, and occasionally he showed up in my ward or the halls at church (I now know he purposely threw himself in my path whenever possible). In the spring of 2011, I ran into him in the grocery store and realized he was fully aware of who I was! After all these years, I knew who he was but didn't even know his name. I quickly began investigating and became more and more aware of this "Robbie" character. In May of 2011, after finally realizing he had some interest in me, I told a church friend I would one day marry this Cosler fellow. It took me months to figure out how to make a move, and on Christmas Eve of 2011, a mutual friend finally made a move and told Rob to ask me out. It went quickly from there. Our first date occurred on January 6, 2012 and was originally described as "ehhh!" But it didn't take me long to realize Rob was the knight and shining armor I had been waiting for. We were officially engaged for 92 days and were married at Old Poway Park in a small (but larger than small) ceremony of June 1, 2012 . . . only 5 months after our first date. It has been a whirlwind of a year, filled with love, tears, and family blending, but I wouldn't rather have anyone else by my side in our journey to forever!
Mr. and Mrs. Cosler & Family June 1, 2012

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